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How many editions are there?

I used to think there were just three editions of Goblins of Labyrinth.

1986 version

1996 abridged version (retitled A field guide to goblins: The Goblin Companion)

And the 2006 reprint (restored full version with a new afterward by Brian Froud).

Now I realize there are actually four.

About a week or so ago I saw a very cheap copy of A field guide to goblins: The Goblin companion on amazon. The first copy of this printing I bought was forty dollars a few years ago. This one I just found was only ten dollars. Though I prefer the full restored version of the book from 2006 I bought this new copy of the shortened 1996 edition (It has several pages of art work removed from it that are in the 1986 version and 2006 version, making it the most abridged of the two whereas the longest version is the 2006 edition). Now when this new copy of the abridged version arrived I noticed something very odd. It was a much larger printing than the copy I already had of it.

The first copy of A field guide to goblins I had was a small book just an inch and a half or so wider and taller than the Labyrinth novelization, about a quarter of the size of a typical Brian Froud book. This one that arrived today had the same cover art as that small edition but much larger printing. This one is about equal size and width as Brian Froud's Good faeries / Bad faeries and is therefor a much bigger printed book to the first copy of A field Guide to Goblins that I already had. The internal content is the same. The cover art is the same. The material the cover art is made of is the same. But it's just a far larger book and text size than the version I first purchased.

I had no idea there WERE two editions of A field guide to Goblins published. I had thought my hand held copy was the only edition published in 1996. I didn't know there was a larger version with the same content.

To anyone else who has A field Guide to Goblins which version do you have?
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