lone_she_wolf (lone_she_wolf) wrote in xxlandserenexx,

Impulsive Imp

A book by Anne Rice's father (Howard O'brien) is now available on amazon. It's a story he used to read to her as a child called The Impulsive Imp. This title later gets used as a term to describe Anne Rice's Lestat only her father's story is about a literal imp who behaves very much like the classic goblin. It seems like the sort of creature you'd find in Labyrinth.


Discussing this book with my friend Sarah, I found out there are some parents that deem the original nursery rhymes too violent for children. Would you believe that? I know some of them are violent like The old women who lived in a shoe but others are just sweet like Mary had a little lamb. Who would keep their children from classic nursery Rhymes?
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